epoda Home On-Site Audit

£99.00 +VAT

At epoda we don’t just offer energy audits online – we also offer a bespoke on-site service, where a fully trained and approved auditor will come to your home and conduct an epoda Home audit.  We have a nationwide network of reliable staff ready to go – simply include your contact details with your order and we will be in touch as soon as possible to arrange a convenient date for you.

No need to take measurements yourself – our auditors will assess your home and compile a personalised energy efficiency report that is in-keeping with your budget and energy goals.  Fully costed with accurate ROI and payback figures for any energy efficiency products and measures you are thinking of installing, so that you can make investments with confidence.  If you have ever thought about saving money in your home through cutting your energy bills, we have the expertise to show you how!

For more information and to view an example report, please select the “epoda Home and You” tab at the top of the page.

Please note that when possible, free measure will be included in your result calculations.

£99.00 +VAT

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