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epoda Home

  • Your complete home energy efficiency tool
  • All the financial data you need to retro-fit with confidence
  • Save, edit and update your audits with new products – all online
  • Results specific to your own home and lifestyle
  • A detailed, bespoke report for your energy journey
  • Access to advice, tools and recommended products exclusively on this site

epoda Home – from inspiration, to planning, to implementation.

Logging into our software starts a journey. You provide us with the basic data about your property and energy use – our software will tell you the financial and ecological impact of different efficiency products and changes, and much much more!

Your results come in an individual report that tell you the crucial details without the jargon. Our report will show you how much changes will cost, what you can expect to save on your energy bills and a dependable ROI figure – click here to see an example!  Our software accurately models a huge range of different products, specifically for your property. From lightbulbs to photovoltaic solar panels to boilers – the CO2 emissions, costs and savings are all laid out to help you make an informed, financially conscious, decision.

But the experience does not end there…

  • Take your experience to the epoda community with our social media-enhanced Advice Hub.
  • Get tips from our energy experts and engage with other users online – integrated with Twitter
  • Keep up to date with the industry news that effects you, such as Green Deal and Feed-in Tariff updates.
  • Use our Energy Map to see how your results compare to other users
  • Our CO2 Calculator shows how your car’s energy efficiency stacks up to others on the market.
  • The Products and Audits section gives easy access and to the products already modelled on your property by the software!  Identify what your property needs with epoda Home, then implement with ease!

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