Energy Map

Welcome to the epoda Home Energy Map! Simply enter your post-code into our interactive map to begin.

If you have not used epoda Home’s software before, or not had one of our approved audits performed on your home, you can see how much energy and money other users have saved. Why not look at homes locally for an insight into how much you could save too?   Or if you are an existing epoda Home user, our Energy Map gives you direct access to your core results, and you can see how your savings compare to the rest of the epoda community. Why not see how you could improve?  You can help other users and share your experience at our Advice Hub page.

Our colour coding and labelling system can easily show you if you are saving more or less than similar properties in your area – and if you see room for improvement, our Products and Advice Hub sections have got the information you need to help pick the best way to maximise your energy efficiency.